Hotel – trips- food ‘n fun for $100 a day????

Arraial d'ajuda beach in south Bahia - BrazilYes. It sounds prepostorous and usually it is. But with the recent devaluation against the dollar reaching $4 x 1 Real (brazilian currency) means that you can sleep, travel, eat and have fun for roughly $100/day/person in the low turism season. Now! With the begining of spring in the southern hemisphere starting tomorrow and the hot temperatures it always carries, and while the high tourism season is still some several weeks away it the perfect scenario for making that one in a life time trip to visit the gigantic amazon forest, or the giant Iguazu falls, or the pantanal with all its exuberante wildlife, or any of the hundreds of beaches stretching out over 8.000 km of coast bathed by the atlantic ocean.
rio burnheim
 In Bahia – northeastern state of Brazil – famous for the Salvador carnival and renowned for its idyllic beaches and coast, now is a perfect time for visiting, specially the southern portion. You can still go whale watching in Prado or diving in the corals of the Abrolhos archipelago. In Porto Seguro – south of Bahia you can rent a 2* / 3* star hotel downtown with breakfast for 20/30 dollars/day, The food is lavish and tempered and for some $40 you can have lunch for 2 in the best places. The are all types of trips and activities, like boat trips up and dpwn the coast for around $40 to$50 depending on the trip and weather you’ll go diving or whale watching or just cruising. You can still visit the Easter Mount, the Monte Pascoal and the native tribe of the Caraiva indians of south Bahia or the sea turtles at one of the tamar projects distributed all over the brazilian coast. The options are endless. Over next weeks we’ll be showing you our best tips.

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