Hang Gliding World Championship warm up is a success in Brazil

The Pre event to the ‘World Championship’ of Hang Gliding to be held in 2017 in Brazil

BrasíliaBrazil is a real Mecca for hang gliding and one of the best spots in the world for cross-country flying. Known as the ‘Hawaii’ of the skies. This is because every winter a strong eastern gust arrives sweeping the brazilian center plateau towards the Atlantic ocean a 1000 miles away. It’s on these strong winds that the top hang gliding pilots in the world reunited in the hills of the ‘Paranã’ valley in the midwest state of Goiás to fly the world cup warm up event.

Take off pad - Hang gliding in the Paranã valley Brazil

Hang gliding Brasilia – Paranã valley – Brazil

Hang gliding Brasilia – the Hawai in the skies

Very few know the central plataeu in Brazil brings strong winds blowing East. This makes for the perfect conditions for cross country flying which is why it’s a Meka for radical flying sports like para gliding and hang gliding. Every year pilots from around the world seek the ‘thermals’ to cross country fly over hundreds of km till the capital – Brasília. This year to add to the excitement the Paranã valley received the ‘World Pre Mundial’ as runner up event to the ‘Hang Gliding World Championship’ which will take place in 2017. The biggest air sports event of its kind in the world.

130 pilots flying over the skies of Brasilia – Brazil

From 27th August to September 3rd 130 pilots fought through the skies to see who’s the fastest cross country hang glider in the world. The experience ahead? Jump off a 3280  foot cliff 90 km from Brasília (straight line) to land in the Esplanade of Ministries smack in the middle of the downtown Brasília. “This experience is just incredible”, said Jonny Durand (AUS) – winner of the ‘mundialito’ and one of the top ranked flyers in the world. “We’re here jumping of a cliff in the middle of nowwhere and to land in the middle of the capital of the country! I don’t know if you could do that in any other part of the world and just makes the experience so much incredible and I think it’s an extra attraction for the competition”, he completed.

Hang gliding Brasilia - Paranã valley - Brazil

Hang gliding Brasilia – Paranã valley – Brazil

World Cup Flying in 2017

The ‘mundialito’ is a pre test for the ‘World Cup’ in flying witch takes place next year. ‘’Flying in Brasília is great, the lift is good, the race is fast, I’m sure everyone is going to enjoy the race”, resumed Mitch Shipley the FAI and CIVL representative and meet steward for the event. “Next year where going to have 150 inscriptions and I think we’ll have over 15 different nations represented. We hope to see a great public here in Brasília, where looking forward to the World Cup”, Mitch completed.




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