Man works six months and spends half the year traveling the world

Your life probably revolves around work. If the company you work for does not adopt the unlimited vacation policy, you have at most a month to relax in the year. Not everyone agrees with this division. This is the case of an American well known in Instagram as Ultra Romance, 35. He works six months and spends the rest of his time traveling the world with his bike.

Instagram @ultraromance

Instagram @ultraromance

Since he was in college, Benedict (as indeed is called) says that did not live more than six months in one place. He never had a car. And just have a bank account to buy and sell bicycle parts on eBay – the adventurous keeps the money he earns in small bags. He says he lives on U$ 10 a day, about 35 reals (R$).

“We have this preconceived notion of what is success in the modern world,” he recently told Business Insider. The business website spoke with Ultra Romance to learn more about how he has made his own way. The journey has yielded 21k followers on the web.

“I went to college trying to be a physical education teacher or personal trainer,” he says. “It was like, I have to have a house, I am 24 years, I have all these student debts … Before you know it, you found the right girl, settles down, buy a house and have to pay mortgage and a car. That was not going to happen to me.”

He says he works only for travel. “I work about six months of the year as a fisherman or guide. Also selling bicycle parts over the Internet. “According Ultra Romance, he likes to keep things simple. “I’m kind of a handshake guy, so paperwork and accounts do not work for me. There have been great cause for stress in my life.”

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