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IMG_3333Wheather your a sun lover, a wildlife fan, a religous traveler or curious for relating with cultures, Brazil is a place that fts your expectations aswell as your pocket. In south Bahia, you can visit the various beauties that portuguese toppled 500 years back. Arriving through the Porto Seguro international airport you have an exquisite array off brazilian coastline, idiliac beaches, sun all year round, music and cusine.

During the high season – from december to march – places are usually full to packed depending on the week you arrive, and the spot you decide to visit. Christmas, new years and carnival are the most expensive weeks of the year. In southern hemisphere winter – July to semptember – you can find yourself alone sometimes in the hotel, inn or hostel you choose. I paid a $20,00/day for a cosy but simple hotel in downtown Porto Seguro in late August – 2015. $30,00 in Trancoso – a near by town, in both i was the only guest for several days. IMG_3389With typical baiana cusine – which I personally love – ranging from $30 to $50 for a full portion fit for 2 to 3, I really felt at home, and with the blazing sun and termperatures passing the 90ºF it was a treat for the soul and pocket too.

Boat trips along the coast are available several times a day. Near by you can see at the distance the Mount Pascoal, the first reported seeing of continental land by the portuguese explorers. The flora is relatively weel preserved in the region, in the Indian reserve the includes de Mount itself, you can get a close look of what the country looked like many years ago. IMG_3394

Coral reef diving, whale wachting, boat trips, air trips and other kinds of hikes and fun trips are available for all tastes. The atmosphere is really incredible making one of my a personal favorites for sunny relaxation, cusine, and generally feeling good vibes.

Ps: with the american dollar at $1 x R$ 3,80 against the real. Enjoy it!

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