Brazilian winter – Come and have some fun

IMG_1135The brazilian winter – july to september – is for many the best time to visit the country. For one the name winter means only the season in which it rains very little or nothing at all. Temperatures might drop a little from highs of 90º F to 83°/84ºF and evening and nights maybe a bit cooler but never bellow the 30ºF.

For some activities the lack of rain is actually a plus for the visit. Wildlife watching for one benefits from it, as both Amazon and Pantanal regions make for best when the river banks are more exposed giving the visitor a better chance for spotting. In the pantanal the chances of seeing the great jaguar in its natural habitat increase ten fold during the winter.


In central Brazil winter brings the hot temperatures and dry weather makes it a sweel period for outdoors specially the thousands of rivers and waterfalls spread throughout the land. In the northeastern town of Fortaleza and all along the notern coast the sun blazes as if it where summer, and for most of the brazilian coast it spells sunshine and happiness.

With brazilian currency at 13 year low to the dollar anda other currencies favouring largely, it could be the best time to visit the continental country, making that lifetime travel fit nicely in your pocket. Dare yourself! Visit Brazil.




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