Belem – Pará and the gateway to the Amazon forest

The Amazon forest has been inhabited since the beginning of humanity. It is esteemed that some million of indigenous people already lived here when European colonists arrived in the region in XVI century. The Amazon region occupies areas of 6 countries reaching from Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Equator, Peru to Venezuela. The forest represents some 1/20 part of the terrestrial surface; 4/10 of the South America continent; and 3/5 of the brazilian territory.

Belem - Para / Brazil The capital of the state of Pará – Belém is the biggest city in the Amazon forest, due to its position sitting and the mouth of the Amazon river mouth in the north Atlantic ocean. With well over a million in population Belém is a cultural harbour for all the amazonian region with its typical cusine music and cultural scene. Recently revamped for touristic reasons the port area of the city is the most interesting for visitors with the ‘Docas’ in the center stage.

Belem - Para / BrazilThe ‘Docas’ is a really nice place. The old port warehouses sitting on the ‘Tocantins’ river bend in downtown Belém have been refurbished opening up space for several restaurants with delicious typical local cusine for all tastes. But the fish dishes/cassourels are a real treat. Try them! The ‘Docas’ opens daily – and on week days will close around midnight, on weekends in can stay open upto to 02. am. The space also harbours a small stage and places where small/pocket shows and dance and other cultural activities.

'Docas' Belem - Para / Brazil

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