Adding an international contact to WhatsApp – Step by step

1. You must have a contact country code. For example, Brazil’s international telephone code is 55.

2. In the cell phone address book, you need to put the + sign before the international code of contact country phone. For example, to put a number in Brazil WhatsApp, +55.

3. After adding in the phone address book the +, the international code, you need to put the full phone number including the local brazilian area code.

4. For example, the phone  in Brasília (area code 61) would like this if you put it on WhatsApp: +55 (Brazil) 61 (area code) 984915194 (local number) = +556198419154 (whatsapp number)

5. Brazil’s area codes here.

Obvious: Your friend must have WhatsApp installed

Add us: +55 61 984915194

List of dialling codes in Brazil

11 – Sao Paulo metropolitan area
21 – Greater Rio de Janeiro and Teresópolis
27 – Central and North (Vitória, Linhares, Colatina)
31 – Central (Greater Belo Horizonte, Sete Lagoas, Ipatinga)
41 – Greater Curitiba and coast (Paranaguá)
48 – Greater Florianópolis and South (Criciúma, Tubarão)
51 – Greater Porto Alegre, Central-South (Santa Cruz do Sul), Northern coast (Torres)
61 – entire Federal District (Brasília) and surrounding area of Goiás state
62 – Central and North (Greater Goiânia, Anápolis, Porangatu)
63 – entire State of Tocantins (capital city Palmas)
65 – Southwest (Cuiabá, Cáceres)
67 – entire State of Mato Grosso do Sul (capital city Campo Grande)
68 – entire State of Acre (capital city Rio Branco)
69 – entire State of Rondônia (capital city Porto Velho)
71 – Greater Salvador
79 – entire State of Sergipe (capital city Aracaju)
81 – East (Greater Recife, Caruaru, Fernando de Noronha)
82 – entire State of Alagoas (capital city Maceió)
83 – entire State of Paraíba (capital city João Pessoa)
84 – entire State of Rio Grande do Norte (capital city Natal)
85 – Greater Fortaleza
86 – North (Teresina, Parnaíba)
91 – Northeast (Greater Belém, Capanema)
92 – Northeast (Greater Manaus, Itacoatiara, Parintins)
95 – entire State of Roraima (capital city Boa Vista)
96 – entire State of Amapá (capital city Macapá)
98 – North (Greater São Luís, Pinheiro)

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