10 things you must know before visiting Brazil

1 – There are no introverts in Brazil (there are exceptions)

2 – English is not a widespread language (but Brazilians always find a way to communicate)

3 – Juice stalls are amazing (thanks to the huge variety of fruits that most of us never hear about: cashew, camu-camu , cherry…)

4 – Brazil is an outdoor universe (beaches, forests, waterfalls – has it all, often on an epic scale)

5 – There is a huge gap between the rich and the poor (combined with drugs and organized crime, it generates crime problems)

6 – One of the biggest cities is located in the middle of the Amazon (the seventh largest city in Brazil, Manaus at the intersection between the Amazon and Negro rivers)

7 – Parties are important (Brazilian produce two of the biggest bashes the world has ever seen, Carnival and New Year at Copacabana beach)

8 – Rhythm is everything (Brazilian improvisation on any musical theme makes this country unmatched in the quantity and quality of different rhythms and styles)

9 – Foreign Kissing is normal (a full day of presentations can leave you with sleeping cheeks)

10 – Piranas are not going to eat you if you fall into a river in the Amazon (these little demons are not the sociopaths that movies often portray)

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