10 reasons for traveling to Brazil

1. Diversity

A country of continental extension, Brazil shows its surprises at every destination. You can enjoy a more tempered climate and mountainous regions, beautiful waterfalls, rivers, beaches, plateaus, forests, among other wonders, and delight yourself with every dish, folk culture, every landscape.

The diversity is also present in the richness of customs, accents, religions and traditions. There are many countries within a single nation. Native american influences, african, european, asian, american and many others, are present in our day-to-day and part of the brazilian expression. At some destinations this influence is so entrenched that you could be easily fooled to think your in an entirley different place all together.

2. The Brazilian: an attraction in itself

From North to South, you can know very diverse landscapes and taste the most exotic of spices and ingredients, but what is common throughout the country is the friendliness of the brazilian. The enthusiasm with which foreign tourists reported the hospitality and the brazilian joy recurs. The catchy and cheerful way to welcome with open arms is an undisputable national appeal.


3. Structuring its tourism

As one of the world’s leading tourist destinations Brazil has been investing more and more in its tourism infrastructure. Being on the coast, inland, forest or in the mountains, hosting in all its forms is preparing to receive and provide a quiet and comfortable stay for its visitors. All the industry is making great efforts to transform the visitors stay into unforgettable moments. Leaving the tourists to enjoy the privileged climate of the tropics and enjoy the wonders of Brazil.

4. Historical value

Knowing the scenarios that are part of its heritage is undoubtedly the best way to assimilate what you learned in the books and magazines. Wherever your destination take the time to learn a little more about local history and its contribution to the establishment of Brazil as a nation. The buildings, the style, the battles, monuments, customs and the local economy, are fragments of this story. The largest reserves of fossil dinosaurs in the world, present in Ceará, to the modern architecture of Brasilia, the Federal District, search, visit and include in your itinerary a walk through our history.


5. Brazil Adventure

Curiosity is what drives us to seek the new, the unknown, and makes us embark on an adventure throughout Brazil. To love with that feeling, the country reserves destinations and stunning scenery, where extreme sports and activities aimed at integrating man and nature go hand in hand. Climbing the South canyons, plunge in the Northeast, fishing in the Midwest, Southeast surfing or explore the forest in the north; in all regions is attractive and guaranteed lifetime experience for everyone.

6. The greatest biodiversity in the world

Brazil is the country with the greatest biodiversity of flora and fauna of the world. Its tropical climate and its territory of continental extension contribute to such a mark; the exuberance and natural wealth in this country make up in many destinations, the diverse tourist segments. Depending or your arrangements adventure tourism, fishing, sun and beach and ecotourism can all come together in unique landscapes. A special + for those who really love nature, nature observing, but still can apreciate some time on an beautiful warm sunny beach.


7. Sensational cuisine

At any chosen destination to enjoy your holidays and rest the cuisine is always an attraction that marks these moment. In São Paulo, for example, one of the gastronomic centers of the world you can find cuisine from all parts of Brazil and the world. But in each region of the country you can taste a typical dish and experience what the local culture has to offer. Barreado, feijoada, chicken giblets, barbecue, acarajé, corn cural, roll cake, duck in tucupi, goat meat and other delicacies are found from north to south of Brazil making a feast for the eyes and stomach.

8. Accessible tourism

Across the country there is a movement to make urban infrastructure accessible to people with disabilities or reduced mobility. And the tourism embarks this movement and already offers destinations and attractions adapted to receive this public, which is close to 15% of the population. Elevators, bars, ramps, audio guides, among other infrastructure help to promote social inclusion. Curitiba in the southern state of Paraná, is considered the model city of Brazil and the forerunner in accessible tourism, with an attractive and adapted transport system. Today, you can find various sites prepared to receive and treat these special visitors.

9. Popular parties

A cheerful personality reflected in the Brazilian mega-events promoted in several parts of the country, which attract millions of people each year. The carnivals of Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Recife and Olinda; the Barretos Rodeo and the LGBT Pride Parade in Sao Paulo; the Folkloric Festival of Parintins in the Amazon; Christmas Light at Gramado, in Rio Grande do Sul; the Oktoberfest in Santa Catarina, not counting the various religious events held mainly in the Northeast, they are examples of Brazil’s major repercussion festivities. At all times of the year there’s always a super party to enjoy in Brazil.

10. A beautiful country by nature DSC_0175

The beauty of Brazil is in its forests in its rivers, its beautiful beaches; in the concrete that rises its cities and mark historical periods; It’s in the eye and smile of a people that translates all the colorful country in its racial, ethnic and cultural mix. The beauty of traveling in Brazil is to know a little more of a nation thats in full development, the growth of its  tourism in its remote regions, and its population that often lives and is dedicated to this segment of the economy. Traveling in Brazil, no doubt, makes a great deal of fun and a treat for the pocket.

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