3 tips for visiting Brazil – Before you go!

01 – Get your vaccines upto date.

Brazil’s a tropical country with forests, bushes and lots of wildlife. Malaria and yellow fever are some of the problems you could encounter depending on the region and what your gonna do here. So get upto date with your shots and checkup recomended procedures to have your trip reasured.

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02- Check your documents.

A passport is a natural document for those travelling abroad, no different for Brazil, which requires at least a 06 month valid one. Check if you need a visa for entering Brazil, many countries like USA  and Canada will be required to have a one. So don’t forget to check with the brazilian consolate in your country and see if you get the right visa for the specific situation, tourist, business, work, etc.

03- Train a little portuguese

Apart from big tourist receiving cities and specialized tourist locations and services you won’t come across the english speaker easily, so practice some day to day expressions and frases so you don’t get stranded in the lingo. Brazilian portuguese is fun to speak and locals will always try to help you out.

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Brazil is a continental country with infinite options for touring, partying, travelling. Brazilian people are generaly open and freindly, the cusine is internationally renowned. We strongly recomend that you try the different foods and dishes and the juices respecting your limits of course. From north to south east to west there are a myriad of options in outdoor enterteinment making a trip here an exceptional oportunity for some great moments.

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