What’s best about Brasília

The bright yellow sun dominating the jaw dropping blue sky are first strong impressions of Brasília. The unique architecture of the city, the predominently residencial city centre, wide avenues and the open spaces shock the understanding of how cities should look and function.

IMG_7981A trip down the centre avenues of downtown will quickly see you through the architect Oscar Niemeyers influence on the young capital alongside with the architect and urbanism of Lucio Costa. Congress and the Supreme Court and the presidential palace make up the 03 powers plaza.

A couple of kilometers east of the Praça do 03 Poderes – downtown – you can reach the Paranoa Lake – what the locals call there own ocean. Stand up paddle, jetski, boats, yachts, all are options for those seaking a great time in the sunny dry weather of Brasilia. Lunch, dinner or a snack by the shore make for a relaxing break.

Brazil, Brasilia, JK Bridge, monumentsBecause of its capital status Brasilia offers a unique array of cultural options from international cinema festivals to local open space dance and music festivals to gastronomy and radical sports. From may to october is the dry season where its almost guaranteed no rain at all making it an excellent time to visit.

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