Experience Brazil – Pirenopolis – Day 01

Highway Brazil visited Pirenopolis or Piri as its called, on the Easter holiday in late March/16. Beeing a relished holiday – one of the busiest of the year – prices were high. We stayed at the ‘Rancho do Joao’ inn – on one of the main streets in town, at a price range of around $45/couple (03/2016 – currency) – with cosy and simple accomodations and breakfast included. The gardenining was nice – with bushes and the tall trees – the early mourning and afternoon visitors made the whole experience worthwhile. Tucans and Tamarim families can be seen in the branches nearby – a real bonus.

mico - Pirenopolis - Highway Brazil

Mico – Pirenópolis

Pirenopolis Highway Brazil

Pirenólpolis waterfalls

In Pirenopolis the best idea is to spend as much time as possible at the falls, so on day one we headed out to the ‘Araras’ (Macaw) falls, some 20 min from town center. he roads was a bit doggy, but there was the infraestructure including a snack-bar and restaurant – the falls also have public skewers for barbucues and a sandy – beach like approach to the main fall. Its a favourite amongst locals so will bound to be packed on weekends and holidays. During the week it should be less crowded.  We prefer to spend the best part of the day at the falls relaxing in the chilled water absorbing the sun – interacting with nature. So around 3… 4 o’clock we part on our way back home for a quick shower and out for some dinner – Water makes us really hungry. There’s been an increase on the quantity and quality of food services offered in Pirenopolis over the last years, with a gastronomy scene varying from local traditional countryside dishes through to gourmet pizzas and international cusine. But you can surely find what your looking for at the price that fits the pocket.

Pirenopolis - Highway brazil

Pirenópolis state of Goias

The state of Goias is famous for its live stock and agriculture so a go for the the old beef and chips is always a good shot.

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