The Hawaii of skies in central Brazil

glidingFor many pilots its the ‘Hawaii’ of the air sports, a mix of strong warm winds with saphire blue skies. The Planalto central (central brazilian plateau) makes a great destiny for hang-gliders and paragliders from all over the world. With take off just under a 100 km (straight line) on the ‘salto do vale do Paranã in neighboring state of Goiás it takes the fastest around an hour to get to the Esplanda dos Ministérios – postcard site of Brazils capital.

“Its just an incredible experience flying in this place. I love to fly here with my freinds and being able to land on the esplanada is just wonderful” says Reinaldo Riella – paraguayan pilot. For a week the Brasilia open 2015 graced the capital with its coloured spectacle in the deep blue sky.

Brasilia Open

60 hang-glider pilots were able to feel the strong winds that blow over the cerrado in one of the best spots to practice cross-country flying in the world while taking part in the international competition using it as a runner up tournament for the World Pre Mundial in 2016 and the World Cup in 2017 – biggest air sports event in the world. Its the third time Manuel Fernando Nieto – argentinian pilto – takes comes to fly in Brasilia “I like everything about flying here and its always a good event. “Brasilia will be hosting the ‘Air’ World Cup so to speak and we are really happy and looking forward to receiving all the competitors and everyone here in Brasilia” says Mario – local pilot from the capital.


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