St Jorge village the brazilian style – Veadeiros

Located in the upper part of the brazilian Central plateau, the ‘Chapada dos Veadeiros’ (Deer hunters Plateau) is a spectacular destination for lovers of exuberant nature and ecotourism adventure. If you seek peace, tranquility, an escape from the big metropolises, flee from Babylon, the Chapada dos Veadeiros is your right destination. Located 120 miles from the federal capital – Brasilia, its a place of easy access with brand new roads.

Alto Paraiso to Sao Jorge - veadeiros

Road Alto Paraiso to Sao Jorge village

Walking through the cerrado is one of the largest and most complete pleasures of man in his relationship with the environment. The Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park is an ecological reserve with beautiful waterfalls, canyons, crystal mines, rich flora and fauna. To enjoy the charms of this magical place, its best to stay in the Village of São Jorge (St. Jorge), land of simple and good people, who know how to receive tourists who want to see the beauty of the park and the charm of the region.

Pedu Flora Camping - Veadeiros

Pedu Flora Camping – St Jorge Village – Chapada dos Veadeiros

Mystics ensure that the place also attract aliens, perhaps looking for the natural beauty of the region. The village is simple and preserves the origins of nature and human ties. It is a privileged space, with its unforgettable excursions like a visit to the Valley of the Moon (Vale da Lua), Águas Calientes (Hot Water) and Morada do Sol (House of the Sun).

Vale da Lua - veadeiros

Vale da Lua – Chapada dos Veadeiros

The Raizama and several waterfalls like ‘Lageado‘, ‘Almécegas‘, ‘Carioquinhas or O Segredo (The Secret waterfall). Other must-see places like ‘O Encontro da Águas (Meeting of the Waters), The ‘Veadeiros National Park‘ among many other fantastic places to visit in this paradise carved by nature.

waterfall in veadeiros

Waterfall in veadeiros – St Jorge Village

The conversations with native streams and Zen community that inhabits the place, hippies, intellectuals, artists, Maroons (descendants of slaves who fled to this paradise) and people looking for their way. A place of peace and healing of the soul. Every year the Highway Brazil team goes to São Jorge village to recharge and move forward!

waterfall in veadeiros

Waterfall slide in Chapada dos Veadeiros

Come visit this beautiful village and enjoy the grace of the little things of life! Forget the world outside for a moment. Just relax, whether staying in a lodge or at a camping, the experience will be unforgettable (we recommended Pedu Flora Camping).

Vale da lua - veadeiros

Moon Valley – Veadeiros

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