Pirenopolis – nature, history and culture in central Brazil – day 01

Pirenopolis colonial town Goias/brazil

Matriz Church – Pirenopolis

The colonial style town of Pirenopolis, with its stone paved streets and portuguese influenced architecture sits at the base of the Pireneus sierra in the mid-west state of Goias – Brazil. Surrounded by beauiful hills and breath taking waterfalls, it makes just an 80 mile drive from the brazilian capital – Brasilia/DF – making it a must for the nature lover who’s staying in Brasilia and has a couple of days to spare. May to October is our favorite time to visit – its the dryer season in most of Brazil and a time when many festivals, festivities and real folk parties happen all round the country. Highway Brazil arrived in town in September and faced temperatures of some 90 degrees and a blazing sun in the sky. So as soon as the accommodations where ok it was straight off to the nearest waterfall to ease off the heat.

St Marie waterfall - Pirenopolis - Goias/Brazil

Santa Maria waterfall – Pirenopolis

The ‘Santa Maria’ waterfall sits some 10 km from ‘Piri’ downtown on a dirt road not so easy to handle at sometimes (a 4-w-d is recomended though not essential). At R$25 reais/person – entrance its a nice place to spend the day – the fall closes for entrance at 05pm – and with a simple 500 m walk from entrance to the first fall, its a attraction fit for all ages and difficulties. Over the past decade an increase in investment in the hospitality infraestructure boosted new services and products bringing in new entrepreunersand profissionals. So sushi was on the menu for the first night in Piri  and an early night in means a long day ahead tomorrow.

Pirenopolis town Goias - Brasil 02

Matriz Church – Pirenopolis

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