Experience Brazil: Pirenópolis – Day 03

The natural beauties and the sheer charm of the small colonial town of Pirenópolis in the midwest state of Goias – Brazil were the mane arguments for making it the first place the Olympic torch would visit after the capital – Brasília. Its colonial – neoclassical style architecture throws visitors back some 200 years in brazilian history giving an impression you’ve been thrown back someplace in the wild past. Along with its  natural resources it offers the traveler the perfect balance for having a great time.

Pirenópolis - City entrance

Pirenópolis – Town entrance

The last day at the Rancho do Joao was as nice as usual with a little visit form the mandarins. After breakfast a pass by the mini-market and where of to the ‘Lazaro’ (Lazurus) falls in th Perynees state park direction – just about a 05 min drive from downtown. As practically all the falls its privately owned and fees vary from R$20 to R$40 person or car, depending on season and specific fall.


Waterfall – Pirenópolis

There’s a small shop near the falls with some local snacks and souvenirs but the main attraction sits some 500 m down the easy path. The access is really easy and at the end the reward is a 10 m fall with a pool fit for swiming with its dark red chilled water. the fall is sanded so the whole feeling is like a beach on a water fall in some kind of forest. Its wicked. Mid afternoon we leave content and famished for a typical dish in downtown, so its off back to the inn for a quick rest, bath and out for the supper.

igreja matriz piri

Matriz church – Pirenopolis

A stroll through the city center is always mandatory as we took a look at the craftswork offered in the center plaza. Steak rice, fries and salad, a typical combination all over Brazil was our choice for the evening, with fruit juice on the side. The live music gave the final touch the relaxed and laid back atmosphere. A drive through the town roads as a last farewell – hasta la vista – before we head back to the inn. HB recomends a 2, 3 or even 04 days as a good time to spend in Piri I you have the oportunity. Its highly worth the effort, and you’ll have no regrets.


Piri wild life

HB special tip of the day

The months of May and June have an extra attraction with the traditional festivities which bring hundreds of mounted cavaliers who react famous historical battles and display through the town in a real festive scene.

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