Brazilian Carnival

For some its just 05 days (2 bankholidys) off the job, but for a great deal of pepole its this one special moment during the year where you can just let it go loose and party on. From north to south east to west the country errupts into several days of pure festivity. Begins the Brazilian Carnival!

Cultural Mix

Music is the ingrediant the pulls all together. Taking to the streets tens of thousands when not millions of people congregate to the beat of the brazilian drum through its multiple rythms, samba being the most famous. But it’s from the northeastern part of the country that most popular rytms and sounds.

Rio de Janeiro

The world famous brazilian carnival mixes the exuberant floats of the samba schools and their percussionists with the irreverance of the dozens of street floats wich drag hundreds of thousands ‘folioes’ as the carnival fan is called.


Possibly the biggest brazilian carnival with its bands playing the ‘baiana music’ on floats through the streets. Salvador – capitol of the state of Bahia – attracts tens of thousands of tourists each year who are after a great music with great music and still the hundreds of km of idyllic sun hot beaches.


Growing each year with its enchanting rythm of the ‘Frevo’ the Pernambuco state capital attracts an ever growing number of tourists to its narrow colonial style streets. With its renowned beaches and typical culture it makes a great party for all folioes.

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