The Brasilia Botanical Garden: must visit

The Brasilia Botanical Garden is predominantly composed of Cerrado vegetation in excellent condition, which can be enjoyed in the interpretative trails open to the public. Because of this feature, the Brasilia Botanical Garden is known as the “Garden of Cerrado “. Accessible to visitors area consists of the Visitor Center, picnic area, restaurant and tea house, orchid house, library, permaculture, arena theater, interpretive trails and themed gardens.

Picnic area

Picnic area – Jardim Botanico de Brasilia

In addition to the contact with the Cerrado, like the museums have collections open to public viewing, the Brasilia Botanical Garden has a collection of themed gardens. They are: Evolutionary Garden, Smells Garden, Japanese Garden and Contemplation Garden. These spaces provide contact with the diversity of species on the planet and help understand how human societies relate to their plants and build their landscapes.

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