The most exciting places for Hiking Trekking in Brazil

Trekking in the Chapada Diamantina/Bahia – Pati Valley

Amazing scenery and perfect trails. These are two aspects that the visitor soon realizes when arriving at the Chapada Diamantina, more precisely in the Pati Valley. Trekking there is suitable for those looking for a complete challenge, which combines contact with nature with an ideal physical activity for body wellbeing.

Hiking Trekking in Brazil

Pati Valley – Hiking Trekking in Brazil

The Pati Valley trail is in the heart of the Chapada Diamantina National Park in Bahia Brazil, between the villages of Andaraí and Mucugê, with routes that vary according to the amount of days and difficulty your looking for. The trekking most sought by tourists is a five-day journey between climbs, descents, waterfalls and rivers. There are about 80 km for those who have the lungs, the fitness and mainly the will to know this piece of Brazilian paradise.

Trekking on Mount Roraima

Often remembered as the best place to go trekking in Brazil, Mount Roraima is located right on the border of three countries: Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela. In this region, the trekking practitioners have the opportunity to face incredible trails at the feet of unique mountains.

Hiking Trekking in Brazil

Mount Roraima – Hiking Trekking in Brazil

Normally, the trekking route is done in eight days. The traveller has the opportunity to face ups and downs with varying levels of difficulty and some amazing stops, as the Tek River and Lake Gladys. The best time to face the trekking on Mount Roraima is between October and April, precisely the period with lower rates of rainfall and pleasant temperature.

Trekking in Chapada dos Veadeiros

Explore the nature of the brazillian cerrado in central Brazil trekking in the Chapada dos Veadeiros – State of Goiás / Brazil, an ecological natural heritage of Brazil and one of the national ecotourism exponents in the country. Just 230 km from Brasilia its realy worth visit and will surely reserve several pleasent surprises for lovers of physical activity and nature. Being in touch with the environment in the Chapada dos Veadeiros is an unforgettable experience.

Seven falls

Visitors can choose from several options of waterfalls. A visit to the national park is a must for new comers. offering waterfalls, nice trackings and incredible views. ther are dozens aof incredible waterfalls in the region. Remembering it’s good to have a guide and in some cases indispensable.

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