INADAIA – FACIL ACESSO – 60 KM DE BRASÍLIA As cachoeiras do Indaiá são umas das melhores opções em Brasília para quem curte a dobradinha lazer/natureza. A proximidade – pouco mais de 60 km do centro – o fácil acesso e a beleza do lugar fazem valer a pena a viagem e os R$15 de […]

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Brazil – Summer/Carnival – international shows – 2018

Brazil – Summer/Carnival –  international shows – 2018 Kate Perry and Peral Jam are some of the names, so If your comming to Brazil for summer/Carnival 2018 – check out the international venues that will be playing the country and see if your idol will be playing Brazil. February 2018 international pop star Phil Collins […]

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Waterfalls to visit in Brasilia – Brazil – 2018

Lavish waterfalls and a day with nature just a drive away: Many will think that Brasilia – Brazil’s Capital is just an unsouled business capital with politics and finances dominating the scene. But the mid-west brazilian Cerrado hides jewls inthe form lavish nature and exuberant wateralls in the hundreds. A quick drive and the Cerrado […]

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Yellow fever vaccination accelerated in Carnival regions of Brazil 2018

Yellow fever vaccine to be extended in the biggest Carnival cities in Brazil. Rio, Salvador and São Paulo are to have extended vaccine schemes for the local population this summer due to insurgence of the disease.  So if your planning to come to Brazil/South America for the 2018 Carnival best reassure your covered, and if […]

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10 – CHAPADA DOS VEADEIROS NATIONAL PARK Brazils’ famous for its beaches, the Amazon and the lavish wildlife, but a great portion of brazilians and foreign travelers are exploring the hundreds of lavish falls in the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park in the outback state of Goiás. INCREDIBLE SCENARIO ALL AROUND The whole scenario of […]

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Unique and unusual places to stay in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil

Private Yacht in Paraty – Rio de Janeiro The boat is anchored in the bay, near the quay of the schooners, in the Historic Center of Paraty in Rio de Janeiro state. Boarding is done with an inflatable boat with a 15hp engine. No one better than the sailor Michel to be your host on […]

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Holidays in Brazil: check out the best cultural centers

OZI and 30 years of street art exhibition CEF - Brazil - photo: highway Brazil

‘Bank of Brazil’ and ‘Caixa Bank’ are cultural centers par excellence They’re a kind of barbican center of brazilian culture – a place where you can see the grand master painters of the past along side their modern and contemporary peers. The ‘Bank of Brazil‘ and the ‘Caixa Economica‘ cultural centers are par excellence havens of […]

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Hang Gliding World Championship warm up is a success in Brazil

The Pre event to the ‘World Championship’ of Hang Gliding to be held in 2017 in Brazil Brasília – Brazil is a real Mecca for hang gliding and one of the best spots in the world for cross-country flying. Known as the ‘Hawaii’ of the skies. This is because every winter a strong eastern gust […]

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Top waterfalls in Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park – Brazil

Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park – Brazil There are 71 National Parks (Conservation Areas in Brazil) in all the 05 regions of Brazil reaching from the ‘pampas’ of the southern region to the enourmous areas in the Amazon forest. In the outback state of Goias – center Brazil – the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park […]

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