Top eco-park on the Amazon river – Brazil 2018


The Mangal das Garças park on the great river bend in downtown Belém do Pará in the Amazonian region – Brazil is a great surprise and great day trip – specially with the family. Revamped a decade ago the park has a free entrance – except for the animals observation – so if that’s a motivation you will pay an entrance – fee you’ll probably be paying R$ 15.00 (REAIS) for total access to the all the park.

Butterfly station enchantes the kids

The park has a a great restaurant with a fantastic view of the Guama river (the name of the Amazon river at this point) well worthan the lunch time event. There’s also several animal displays. The butterfly station is a kick for the kids as several colourful and unusual specimens of butterflies and moths inhabit the space and the station  produces 5.000 adult specimens per month.

Many specimens in the lagoons and lakes on the sight

35 species of birds from the Amazon region can also be seen at the Viveiro das Aningas.  The Guama rive is a breading ground for several species of birds. The famous Marajo island on the bank of the river display millions of birds during the mating season is a top attraction for wildlife seekers. The Mnagal has several specimens on display including the none endemic flamingos.

Over view in the tower is well worth the effort

Another joyful surprise is the tower by the river bend. An excelent over view of the city of Belém as much the river, which some hundred or so km down the stretch meets up with the Atlantic ocean. A nice lunch or dinner – depending on the day and the will be an excelent wrap for a fun day.

Butterfly station – R$ 5,00

Overview- R$ 5,00

Birds station-  R$ 5

Amazon navegation memmorial – R$ 5

Passaporte for all attractions- R$ 15

Amazon navegation memmorial – visitation on tuesdays are free