Experience Brazil: The Amazon forest – idyllic beaches and lavish nature all in the same place – welcome to Belem!

Pará is a massive brazilian state in the Amazon forest roughly 1.250.000 square km – thats like the size of Alasca – If it where a country it would be 22nd on world ranking. Belem – the state capital sits right at the last turn of the great amazonian river basin where it meets the Atlantic ocean making an exclusive spot where tropical rain forest and massive river flows meet up with the ocean and its beaches and nature.

Belem - Amazon forest

Its the last spot of land before you enter the floodland and basin influence of the great Amazon river. It can be reached by road from the rest of Brazil the only Amazonian capital to do so. And like all the region Belem is hot. So it’s a god idea to wake early and hit the streets before the blazinf sun comes down hard. I wanted to see some nature on my first day in Belem, so after breakfast ( very modest but honest) I decided to set of to the ‘Rodrigues Alves’ park in up town Belem. After a 25 min bus ride up the avenue “Almirante Barroso (Admiral Barroso) I dropped off right infront of the park (ask the bus conductor for directions).

Belem - Amazon forest

Unfortunetely the park was in reform – for some time it seems – but the experience of being in a bosque in the middle of town is great, and you can really feel the ambience of the forest. The canopy high up in the sky, the abundant fauna, the overwhelming flora – all together in an incredible orchestra . Though not fully operational the park offers a glimpse of the birds and turtules you can find in this region. Highly worth the ride. When fully operational must be a nice spot.

Belem - Amazon forest

With the morning gone it’s time for lunch and I decide to for a bite downtown. Right next to the ‘Presidente’ apart-hotel is a simple japonese pay by weight (kilo in portuguese or self-service) ‘Hihashi’ with simple but delicious food – specially a sushi – favourite – amongst daily relishes. Prices are attractive, localization is great and the food is good. After lunch – a stride through town center and the river markets ‘Ver o peso’ (see the weight in portuguese). Its the biggest market of its kind where people from all over the Amazon region go to sell there goods. The colours and smells ar marking. Fish, fruit, spices, groceries of all sorts are available at the ‘ver o peso’. Its an intriguing and dareful place. Like any downtown – touristic site – attention is necessary!!!

Belem - Amazon forest

By @luxartifex special for Highway Brazil.


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