New diving paradise opens in Brazil

New diving paradise opnes in Alcatrazes – Brazil

From January/18 ocean fans will be able to dive in one of Brazil’s last untouched underwater havens – the Alcatrazes archipelago on the coast of Sao Paulo. Used as a target for the navy up till 2013 the new Wildlife Refuge in the town of São Sebastiao on the coast of São Paulo will be open for boat rides and dives though human presence on the islands will not be permited on land.

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The wildlife refuge is the second largest marine conservation unit in Brazil and due to its isolation for so long it has become a unique spot of lavish preservation. The area is home to frigatebirds and seagulls, and some 13 species of dolphins. 260 species of fish inhabit Alcatrazes and its a place where marine turtles gather, and the region is also regarded as the best preserved corals south of Rio.

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Rules and tourism companies/self-employed professionals interested in providing the services within the 67 thousand acres of the area and activities are expected to take off in january 2018. Get the snorkels out!

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