Emilio Goeldi museum celebrates 150 years of services in the Amazon

EMILIO GOELDI – tropical plants and animals at a hands reach

This year the Emilio Goeldi museum in the state capital of Belém in the Brazilian Amazon is celebrating 150 years. Named after renowned Swiss zoologist Emilio Goeldi the institution is famous for its studies of the Amazon flora and fauna and is open to the public which can see some local specimens.

Cayman –  jaguars – great eagles

Located in the middle of the city the Emilio Goeldi museum is great place to take the family specially if the kids like animals. Visitors can see some 2000 tropical plant specimens in the 0,5 km of the museum and some 600 animals. Birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, otters, sloths and a jaguar. Along with temporary and permanent expositions it’s a perfect day trip and soon the will be a cafeteria built on the premises.

Public will receive a refurbished institute with new cafeteria

The Emilio Goeldi museum is set to close in the first week of January and should reopen in March – where the cafeteria and the refurbished structure will be shown to the public. The whole event is in celebration of the 150 years of the institute and its contribution to Brazilian, Amazonian and world science in the tropics.