Top 03 Bahia beaches – Brazil

Sargi beach - Bahia Brazil

01 – Itacarezinho

The cocoa coast of Bahia – Brazil is filled with delicious beaches and none more than the Itacarezinho beach some 10 miles south of the small town of Itacare. Little Itacare only in name this 2 mile beach counts with a good restaurant strucutre – something rare in the region – along with the typical rentage of sunshades and beach chairs. The mixture of typical Atlantic forest with the lavish beach and the coconut forest makes it a great stay for the day. Minimun access to restaurant is some $20/person, there’s still a $10 fee for parking on the premises – free if you walk the 30 min’s from the main road to the beach.

Itacarezinho - Bahia beaches - Brazil

Itacarezinho – Bahia beaches – highway Brazil


02 – Corumbau

On the golden coast of southern Bahia a less known Corumbau beach stuns all that step on its sands. The 5 miles strecth of beach are some of the most beautiful in all the state. In Corumbau you see the mix of a calm fisherman’s village with some 5 star infrastructure but nothing to shadow the imense beauty of the place. With more famous neighbors like Prado, Caraiva, Trancoso or even Porto Seguro; Corumbau doesn’t always get its deserved share of reverance. But with great food served at the beach kiosks plus the corals tour that can be made some 2km off the coast and the great boat ride you can take up and down the coast Corumbau makes for a great place to escape all that’s out there.

Corumbau beach - bahia beaches

Corumbau beach – soutern Bahia – Brazil


03 – Sargi beach

Some 23 miles north of the historical town of Ilheus – Bahia – the once cocoa capital of the world – lays the 3miles strip of gorgeous coast on the Sargi beach. Sitting at the foot of the Serra Grande to the north the Sargi sit’s on strip of coas tThere are several houses and hostels/hotels to pick from, some sitting beach front. An extra attraction for sure. With several beaches near by both south and north of Sargi ot could make for a great outpost for those exploring the cocoa coast of Brazil.

Sargi beach - Bahia beaches Brazil

Sargi beach – Bahia beaches – Brazil

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