Bahia beaches, great trips and lots of fun

Barra do Caraiva - Bahia/BrazilClimbing the Mount ‘Pascoal’ (Easter Mount) is a memory that always pops to mind when I return to the south coast of Bahia – Brazil. I was a boy the first time I went and I remember the impact of  seeing indigenous populations for the first time, all that nature and green and the beaches and the sun… it was really mind blowing. Everytime I’m back in south bahia I always find myself Imagining the scene of the portuguese explorers meeting the native indiginous population in this idyllic portion of the brazilian coast.

Caraiva - Bahia/Brazil

I reckon it’s just that raw atmosphere, the warm wind blowing in from the north atlantic ocean, the relaxed and confident feeling that time actually has diferent dimensions and that in special places at special times it can really stand still for a moment. Al this mixed with the bahia cusine – of which I’m a personal favourite – the open and welcoming native population; that makes the trip such a unique experience.


Praia Ponta do Corumbau - Bahia/Brazil

If in the bubly Arraial d’ajuda, or the more relaxed Trancoso, Corumbau or Prado there’s always some natural pools to visit, some natural haven to know, something to do, or If you like – absolutely nothing. Its all up to you. But the options are all there, you can go whale watching from August – September, dive in the corals – the natural pools are fantastic and great treat for the kids. there are boat trips up and down the coast, banana rides, jetskies and helicopter over views; its all there, depending only on your will and/or pocket.

Ponta do Corumbau - Bahia/Brazil

When going to bahia I usually travel on a steady budget, a cosy place to rest the night with minimal comfort, typical local tradtional food and a nice day trip mixed up with some cultural/histotical activities are the right ingredientes for me. And all of these are abundantly present in the south of Bahia, and with the currency hike of the dollar against the brazilian real, this spring in Brazil could be the perfect moment for you to know Brazil at the best price for you.


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