Brazil – Top Beaches in southern Bahia – Trancoso

Trancoso in Southern Bahia – Brazil

Of the 7500 km of Atlantic coast in Brazil the 300 or so km of southern Bahia are ranked as some of the best beaches of all the southern ocean. The small village of Trancoso in southern Bahia was the place where for the first time the portuguese anchord ship on the american continent back in 1500 AD. A district of the town of ‘Porto Seguro’,Trancoso is one of several villages and areas of extreme beauty and well preserved nature and lanskapes, a place that gives you the feeling that things haven’t changed much since the portuguese explorers met the native indigenous tribes of the ‘Tupinambas’ as they officially set foot on the american continent.

Village of Trancoso - Bahia - Brazil / highway brazil

Village of Trancoso – southern Bahia – Brazil

Arriving at the Porto Seguro international airport

The easiest way to get to south Bahia is through the Porto Seguro international airport. Arriving at the south coast of Bahia or in ‘Pindorama’ as the native brazilians used to call Brazil at the time (meaning land of the tall trees/ land of the palm trees) you get the feeling the portuguese couldn’t have chosen a better place to land. The south of Bahia is one of thoose absolute paradise spots. A fantastic mixture of landskape, sunny sky, hot weather, warm water and an awesome atmosphere making it clear why native tribes were inhabiting the area since immemorable times.

Beach at Troncoso village in southern Bahia - Brazil / highway brazil

Beach at Troncoso village in southern Bahia – Brazil

Trancoso – Haven rediscovered in the 70’s

Rediscovered in the 70’s by hippies, the area still has a peaceful and simple aspect even though the infrainstructure and services have expanded over the last three decades. Sofistication and simplicity can be found side by side in hotels, inns, restaurantes and trips, and there are options for all pockets. Boat trips along all the coast are a feast for the eyes, so as the coral reef trips and the whale watching boat rides.

Beach in Trancoso southern Bahia - Brazil / highwaybrazil

Beach in Trancoso – southern Bahia – Brazil

Trancoso – Excellent Carnival – sight seeing – animal spotting

There’s a little fun for all likes from high profile carnival like partying and fun to wildlife observation to out of touch and no electricity accomodations. Typical bahia style cusine, popular music and a strong regional culture are impossible to miss. October to april are the best months for sunny wheather, June to september being the whale spotting season.

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