3 Top idyllic beaches in Paradise Bahia Brazil

01 – Itacare

This idyllic destination in Bahia Brazil has its name from native indigenous language Tupi mening ‘rock alligator’. South of the state capital – Salvador – Itacare sits on the Cocoa coast of Brazil in the massive state of Bahia. An idyllic destination meant for those looking for contemplation and peace Itacare is a growing attraction amongst locals with a strong attractiveness in its colonial style constructions and special scenerio. Home to several surf events Itacare also is an atypical spot on the coast as it still has some Atlantic forest natural coverage sitll native blending with the beaches and making for an incredible atmosphere.

Bahia Brazil Bahia Brazil Bahia Brazil Bahia Brazil

02- Trancoso

A few miles down from Porto Seguro is the small village of Trancoso with its colonial style church and cliff that enchants all visitors. Siting on the golden coast of south Bahia trancoso is an invite for relaxing and basically having a cold out time by the becah. There are several activities from boat rides to horse rides on the beaches. But its just a calm place to forget about the outside life for some moments and just chill out.

Bahia Brazil trancoso Bahia Brazil Bahia Brazil

03- Sargi

Some miles north of  renowned Ilheus – the cocoa capital of Brazil – sits the Sargi beach at the foot of the Serra Grande. A lost paradise on the Brazilian coast this little known beach is a hide out for those seeking true retreat from civilization and a hideout in heaven.

Bahia Brazil Bahia Brazil Bahia Brazil Bahia Brazil Bahia Brazil


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