Do you know Amapá?

The State of Amapá is located in Brazil’s extreme north, located almost entirely in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s part of the vast Amazon region and has as it´s limits French Guiana to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, south and west Pará and Suriname to northwest.

A top spot in Amapa tourism is a natural phenomenon called the Pororoca. Pororoca is a tidal event that happens when the waters of the atlantic ocean and the Araguari River meet, increasing its level upto 6 meters and giving the river a wavy look and a deafening sound. The strengh of the river wave is such that it rips out trees from the banks by their roots, makng it a tremendous adventure for suffers.

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Another asset for nature lovers is the exuberant nature and its rivers, waterfalls and rapids.  There’s a great variety of fish, highlighting the Tucunaré fish  – symbol of sport fishing. Amapá also has beautiful beaches like the Araxá and Fazendinha, close to the Capital – Macapá. In addition to Forest Grove in Calçoene, the Oceanic Beach Goiabal, which stands out for its natural beauty, abundance of fish and flocks of ibises.

The boat ride down the Amazon River and Igarapés, mine and manganese extraction in Sierra ship is a must. Another tourist attraction is visiting the point where the Equator imaginary line, abling you to put one foot in the northern hemisphere and the other one in the Southern.

Equator imaginary line

Its Capital’s main visiting site is Saint Joseph’s Fortress, which is one of the most imposing military monuments of Colonial Brazil. Do you like it? Personalise your travel package! contact us.

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