Do you know the French beach at Alagoas?

One of the most popular beaches of Alagoas, Brazil

Frances beach is just 33 km from Maceió, in the municipality of Marechal Deodoro. The color of the water – which ranges from light green to deep blue – is as varied as its audience. In the left corner, protected by reefs forming natural pools, the frequency is families with children and the buzz class, that there is huge and lively stalls specializing in seafood.

Also fans of jet-skiing and sailing sports enjoy the calm waters for the activities

Rustic side

But the rustic right, taken by strong waves and palm trees, is the point of the surfers. Far from the action, the area still ensures peace and tranquility.

Most tourists is still hosted in Maceió and enjoys the beach only during the day, but French has good infrastructure inns, restaurants and shops.

Must visit

Marechal Deodoro History Center

Once in the area, make sure you take a boat ride to the Saco da Pedra ‘Stone Bag’ filled with natural pools, simple stalls and much peace. It is also worth knowing the Marechal Deodoro History Center, with churches, convents and museums; and see firsthand the work of the city’s tenants, found in the Cultural Space Saint Mary Magdalene.

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