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New flight rules take off in Brazil

CHECKED BAGGAGE PAID SEPARATELY Checked baggage will be paid for SEPARATELY from the seat and carry-on baggage from now on in Brazil with fees varying from type of purchase, if antecipated or not, and…
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Sargi beach - Bahia Brazil

Top 03 Bahia beaches – Brazil

01 – Itacarezinho The cocoa coast of Bahia – Brazil is filled with delicious beaches and none more than the Itacarezinho beach some 10 miles south of the small town of Itacare. Little Itac…
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Brazilian Carnival

For some its just 05 days (2 bankholidys) off the job, but for a great deal of pepole its this one special moment during the year where you can just let it go loose and party on. From north to south e…
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Partnerships with hotels and restaurants in the city, check it out!


From after beach till early morning the young, beautiful and funky people will be willing to enjoy the blissful atmosphere

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Quick tips and top notch photos from all corners of Brazil!

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